Chapter 9 Pt. 2

“Disappointment is certain, and so I fall to my knees
I’ve been beat down by life with every breath I breathe…
I’m decomposing and I’m not even dead
My body’s breaking down until it is shed.”

This is from a song I recently found by the title of “Slaughterhouse-Five,” written by the band Bury Your Dead.

The title of the song, along with the lyric’s correlation to Billy Pilgrim, makes the song as eerie as it is sad.

I don’t think I will insert the song into this post, only because of how vulgar it is. If you’d like to listen to the song, do so at your risk! Personally, I love it, but my 6th grade science teacher also called me a “Satan-worshiper” for the music I like.

It’s an equal balance, I like to think.

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